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California Faucets are MADE IN CALIFORNIA

So many of our customers request products that are made in the USA. California Faucets satisfies this request employing Californians to turn out a dependably high quality product. We have had a long standing relationship with California Faucets and we are proud to sell their made in the USA faucets. This link is to the Orange County Register which featured the company lately.

This is a video link

These are more photos

Support the California economy with California faucets!


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Quick Drain USA Training

Accessible shorter or wheelchair showerThis Friday, October 26, 2012, we will have the Quick Drain trailer in our front parking lot. This will be a hands-on opportunity for tile setters and plumbers to understand the intricacies of setting these drains. Homeowners and remodelers are welcome to explore this beautiful option for your shower. Please visit us! The trailer and the experts will be at our store from 10-1 AND WE WILL HAVE FOOD!!


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Portable Shower for Handicap Access

“I recently had surgery and cannot use my existing bathroom” said the voice on the other end of the line. Until now, situations like this would require sponge baths or a bathroom remodel. We now have a new product on display that allows individuals to shower in their bedroom/living room/kitchen! This product by Shower Bay sets up in about 10 minutes anywhere in your house. With a garden hose attached to a sink faucet, an individual in a wheelchair can roll into the shower, close the doors and shower. There is a holding tank for the shower water that can then be pumped out into a sink after the shower is finished. Amazing freedom for those who cannot otherwise enjoy a warm shower in their existing bathroom!

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