Vitraform - Jump In With Us!!

We think we’re going to jump in! Vitraform. Made in USA by a woman owned company (like us — although I share the reigns with my handsome husband). The quality and variety and absolute dreaminess seems to match our philosophy and the philosophy of our clients. Beauty, responsibly produced, is worth every penny. Please help us select three items to display. We need your input! Tell us what you would like to see
Visit the website by clicking on Vitraform
Simple and clean sink—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Sometimes you just want a beautiful sink. Not too fancy but something special.
Undermount sink—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Undermounts available in so many colors and etchings
Undermount white sink—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Yes! You can LIGHT your undermount sink. Be a little special. You deserve to grin while your wash your hands and brush your teeth.
Glass sink with bubbles—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Give me bubbles! If I can’t have them in a glass, I’ll take them in this gorgeous glass sink, available in lots of colors
Vitraform Counter sink—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Vitraform Glass Pedestal—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Vitraform Peach Pedestal—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Vitraform Counter sink—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Vitraform Glass Pedestal—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
So often clients feel like their door hardware must match their cabinet hardware which must match their faucets which must match their appliances. We say NONSENSE!! That’s boring! And where is YOUR personality in all of that? Exercise your sense of style by mixing up the finishes!

Even though I wrote this post a couple of years ago, I have noticed that we’re not the only ones who are writing about this. Click on these two links below to see some Houzz articles on this design opportunity. Even the experts are saying “Mix finishes and have some fun!”
How to Mix Metal Finishes in the Kitchen
How to Mix Metal Finishes in the Bathroom
Traditional Kitchen—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Traditional Kitchen by Saratoga Springs Design-build Witt Construction
Minneapolis Interior Traditional Kitchen—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis Interior Designer Martha O’Hara Interiors
Contemporary Kithcen—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designer Steven Miller Design Studio, Inc.
Mercer Island Traditional Kitchen —Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Traditional Kitchen by Mercer Island Architect knowles ps
Mediterranean Kitchen—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Mediterranean Kitchen by Austin General Contractor Tenney Construction
Electric Kitchen—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Eclectic Kitchen by Malibu Interior Designer Shannon Ggem ASID- Ggem Design Co LLC
Chicago Traditional Kitchen—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Traditional Kitchen by Chicago Kitchen And Bath Rebekah Zaveloff
Metro Interior Traditional Kitchen—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Traditional Kitchen by Other Metro Interior Designer Natalie DiSalvo
Wooden cabinet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
YAY!! Look at our pretty new Catalano display. As you see it, it is 48″ wide with TWO bowls which is a rarity in a 48″ vanity. This size and finish is stocked in the United States so we should be able to have it in about 3 weeks. The finish is easy to clean and maintain. And it is designed in Italy. It’s clean and modern in style but with a not so modern faucet, it could be very transitional.
These are some of the other finishes that Catalano offers. Some of them are high gloss which should be so easy to clean. The others are real wood veneers. Not all of these items are stocked in the USA so some of them may have extended lead times. Clearly I could use some practice taking photos with my phone since some of these are kind of blurry. Feel free to come in and see these finishes in person.
Wood Vemeers—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Glossy Veneers—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Wooden and Shiny veneers—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Shiny veneers—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Veneers—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Beautiful bathroom from California Faucets. And like I’ve been saying: “Brass is Back!”
Shiny brass—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
The shiny brass against the highly textured walls is visually interesting
Golden faucet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Note the mix of traditional and modern elements in the next few photos
Modern looking bathroom—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
This combo of modern and traditional creates an environment where many of us feel at home.
Samuel Heath, British Manufacturer of meltingly beautiful luxury fixtures and accessories, has announced that it will be producing two lines in timeless and on point unlacquered brass. Both collections are available with metal or crystal handles. LOVE!!

What is driving this design trend is the durability and easy care of unlacquered brass. YES!! It is going to tarnish. It is selected BECAUSE it will tarnish. BUT…it can be polished if desired. The homeowners who select this finish are drawn to the warm living finish and can’t wait for the oxidation to occur which softens the shine of new brass. For many of our clients, this is a new finish which they haven’t lived with before and it is being embraced by our most style conscious homeowners and designers. We also love it on modern styled fixtures as well. Check out our Pinterest Board on this design subject…Click HERE
Mirror—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Unlacquered Accessories
Unlaquered brass faucet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Fairfield in unlacquered brass with Black Crystal, NOT porcelain, levers.
White sink and brass faucet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Style Moderne in unlacquered brass with simple crystal levers
Flower above cabinet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
This used to be a dresser and now it’s a really unique vanity. You’ll see close ups of the sinks and faucets further down the page.

These are pics of a fun project by Pete Evens of Anubis Construction. The clients weren’t afraid to take some chances using an old dresser and converting it into a new vanity. With a few alterations by Pete Evens, it’s a unique base to define the mood of the bathroom.

These sinks were made in Pennsylvania by JSG Oceana. They are made using a similar process as much of the oven safe and thermo-resistant (it can take extremes of hot and cold without breaking) glassware that comes out of this region. They are available in lots of colors and sizes. They also make drop in sinks and undermounts which can be fun when installed with LED light below them.
Sink—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Sink by JSG Oceana in Pennsylvania

And I’m sure you wanna see what this looks like with the water on, right…???
Beautiful sink design—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Come on…this is a TOTALLY fun bathroom, right?!! It would be such a pleasure to use these faucets daily with the water cascading over your hands
Wall hung toilet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Wall Hung Toilet for ease of cleaning. That’s the actuator (flush button) on the wall above the toilet.
Pretty shower—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
That’s a pretty shower and all…but where’s the drain???…
Floor tiles—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
There’s the drain!! It is installed with the floor tile so that it nearly disappears

The drain is by Quick Drain USA. Look closer…there is NO THRESHOLD on this shower. You can walk or roll a wheelchair or walker right in. It’s so elegant and easier to clean since there are fewer corners to get icky.
Shower—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
No threshold and Shower Valves by California Faucets. Heads Grohe and Aquabrass
Here are more options by Grohe and Aquabrass.
You can reach Pete Evens at or by phone at (831) 212-1905.
Silder Medicine Cabinet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Long Lasting LED bulbs and beautiful light coupled with Swiss Precision.

HOW MUCH do I love Sidler Medicine Cabinets? They are SO BEAUTIFUL! They are so exceptionally built by a family business spanning multiple generations in Switzerland. And now, they have an LED model which will comply with many of our new construction codes while providing flattering, energy efficient, long lasting light.
Elegant sink—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Available in SO MANY sizes
Modern sink design—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
LED technology—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
This next generation LED illumination eliminates the problem of visible dots from older versions of LED technology
Dimmer—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
When installed with a dimmer, you can control the ambiance of your bathroom
Heavy duty blum—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Heavy duty Blum concealed hinges and shock absorption system mean your Sidler cabinet will always close quietly
Shelf adjustment—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
This patented shelf adjustment system uses a rider on the rails which allows shelf adjustment at 1″ intervals without any tools required
Stain in the mirror—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Did you know that you’re not supposed to use standard window cleaner on most mirrors???!!! That one really surprised me. The Ammonia in the cleaner reacts with the silver in the mirror causing de-silvering (when the mirror starts looking ugly and brown around the edges) This won’t happen with the Sidler mirrors. Sidler Mirrors another (as soon as I have “Before” pics I will share them). This new area is so focused on family, fun and flow. Look how
Reflection in the mirror—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
There is plenty of space and a mirrored back to allow lots of reflection of beautiful YOU!!
Outlet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
And an outlet to charge your toothbrush, razor, facial brush, etc.
Cosmetics box—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
And it comes with a cosmetics box for organization and a magnifying mirror.
These are uniquely styled sinks with unusual drains. They will be fun to use and they will define your bathroom. You may choose to make one of these sinks the focal point of the bathroom while adding some tile that will complement it.
Bathroom interior—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Oh, to be this young and have such a beautiful bathroom! This line is well made, stylish and affordable. Have fun viewing the video
Available in several sizes and finishes that are easy to clean and maintain
I can’t tell you how often, in one magazine after another, I read about what’s HOT and what’s NOT in home decor. Like anyone else, I peruse the lists but at the same time, I LOATHE these lists because they instill a fear in homeowners that they are going to somehow make a decision that will negatively time stamp their home. While it is true that trends blow in and out like the wind, I wholeheartedly believe that if you surround yourself with things that you love, your home will always feel warm and happy.

Most importantly, I cannot emphasize enough that it is impossible to beat time. Time will always win. There is NO WAY to build a timeless house. In ten years, your ten year old remodel is going to look ten years old. Yes, even the “classic” style that is so popular right now with the white subway tile, the carerra marble and polished nickel fixtures is going to look ten years old in ten years. Even though someone named this style “classic” it is still very reflective of the time in which we live. When the economy is slow and scary, greys take over. Grey are safe. They are calm. They are stable. Any other color would be bold in an unsteady economy. But, now, as the economy is moving forward with vigor, we are beginning to see some bursts of color and risks in finish that were absent just two years ago.

The purpose of this post? To give you confidence to design your home to reflect YOU! Make your home comfortable for you and everyone else who lives there. If you currently just love grey? Then stick with it. But if you favor some other color, you will love your house more if you surround yourself with colors that make you feel at home. Paint is just paint. While you live in the house, paint your walls a color that you would love to look at. But, when you sell the house, if those colors are not neutral, they will need to be painted over since we all find comfort and distaste among different hues. And if you’re thinking it would be safest to just paint everything neutral right now in order to avoid the work later? Walls and trim often start looking like they need touch ups in about three years so it is very likely that they would need painted before your home sells anyway.

And if you love sticking with what’s HOT because it makes you feel right, then do it. But please don’t ditch something you love just because it’s on the NOT list. Chances are, it will be back on some other sort of list in no time. #LOVEYOURHOME!
Just in case you can’t resist reviewing the lists, here are a few…
We love Ronbow for continual innovation and consistent quality at a price point that most of our clients appreciate. In addition, the delivery timeline on most of their pieces is about a week or two. I have included a few pics to stir your interest but you can see more HERE
Modern Bathroom design—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Modern and easy to clean available in three colors
Clean room—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Modern and easy to clean available in three colors
Deep sink—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
This is a great view of how deep this sink really is. Could be great in a laundry bath
White cabinet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Available in sizes from 24″ (which we display) up to 60″ and several finishes. Such a classic
Countertops—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Modern and Rustic all at once. Various countertops available.
Beautiful faucet—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
TWO clients today because of our positive Yelp reviews. We’re trying guys. We’re trying REALLY hard.

We are SO thankful that our clients take the time to spread the word about our knowledge and service. We are REALLY trying to be the best in the business. We know we have a ways to go but our heads are down and we’re aiming to please!
It’s been a GREAT week and this faucet is super cool. Taken in the dimly lit showroom at the end of the week and near 8pm. (Like I said: “Working HARD”!)

Click HERE to read our Yelp reviews. There are currently 18 hidden reviews. Check them out, too!
Dog outside the shop—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Honey is here waiting for you

We are open on Saturdays from 10-2 and Monday through Friday 9-5:30. It’s always a GREAT day to visit us and Honey is always here for a little entertainment while you make your decisions. We also have a kids area with a play kitchen, crayons and other toys.
Steam shower controller—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
Like nothing you’ve seen before

MicroTouch was designed for the customer who wants the best “steam-only” experience (without all of the other in-shower enhancements). MicroTouch is simple for the user yet the most technologically advanced controller on the market.

Innovative features of MicroTouch include: Capacitive touch technology (CTT) similar to operating a smartphone or tablet.
Precise Infrared Temperature Sensing (patent pending – only available from ThermaSol) that reads temperature more accurately and much faster than standard contact temperature sensors.

CAN-bus digital cable connection, the most up-to-date technology.

Preset 45 minute time setting with enhanced diagnostics.

Steam only operation and compatibility with the Solitude Wireless Module (SMW-1) and Solitude App from the App Store and Google Play.

A low profile yet elegant-looking design made for people who do not want to draw attention to the controller.

Can be retro-fitted with all PRO and AF steam generators manufactured after October 2007.

Available in five styles and 14 finishes.

We believe the MicroTouch will very quickly become the bestselling controller in the marketplace.

Pre Orders start NOW and all 5 styles are going to be ready to ship the first week of October.
Controllers—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
White Bathtub—Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA
This tub will make it’s sexy premier in the upcoming “50 Shades of Grey” due for release around Valentine’s Day 2015. You can even see it in the trailer at minute 1:52!

Check out more Blu Bathworks products at and visit them at our showroom!
Does it make you blush with its sexiness?
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