Why Shop at Plumed Elegance?

People ask us, “Why should I buy plumbing fixtures from Plumbed Elegance when I get a better price online?”

We have SO MANY answers to that question.
When buying fixtures for a new home or remodel project, your plumbing fixture purchases are VERY LONG TERM investments.
You need to be assured of quality. This investment is most likely to last longer than the car you currently drive, longer than your washer and dryer, longer than your state of the art computer or surround sound system.

It is our priority to sell you products that we believe will last for the duration of your bathroom or kitchen. We have been around for 25 years. We have seen SO many changes in our industry: some for the better and some for the worst. It is an unfortunate fact that many of the good old brands that we all grew up with will no longer last the 50 years of their predecessors. Manufacturing has changed due to environmental regulation as well as consumer price pressure. The brands that have succumbed the most to price pressure are also the ones who have quality control issues. We have seen trusted brands turn into junky brands. It behooves us to recommend brands that we can confidently supply parts for in the future. Once you add water, the aging of your products begins. We are here to help you when your faucet drips, your toilet runs, and your shower screams. We have relationships with our vendors to help you through the repair process. And that time will come.
When you do have problems, either during installation or later, you need a professional who can walk you through warranty service and repair. You cannot call the Internet. We only service what we sell.
On the front end of the process, we have SO MANY ideas. We work with you to realize your dream. And don’t worry. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s important for you to develop a realistic budget. Once we know this, we can meet or beat it. It is most frustrating for all involved when a budget is not in place. We need to speak the same language. Most of the time, luxury brands should not be placed in a first home or rental. We will respect that and introduce you to trusted value products. But when you’re ready to build your dream home or do that dream remodel, we would love to show you the world of luxury plumbing design. These fixtures are gorgeous and often fun to use. They’re conversational in their beauty and worth every cent of their cost in the pleasure you will get from using them and looking at them.

About Us

Starting Out

Established in 1987, Plumbed Elegance started just as the specialty faucet industry began to take off. We have been here, serving our Santa Cruz and Bay Area customers for over 2 decades. Our history and experience lend confidence to our clients as they proceed through the often confusing path of building a home or managing a remodel. Husband and wife team, John and Julia Bettencourt, offer personal service and products to meet any budget and dream. We are capable of designing custom sinks, faucets and tubs if that is what your project demands but we offer plenty of in the box options in a variety of styles and finishes.

Our showroom, previously located on 41st Avenue, burned down on May 3, 2008. We now have a lovely, 2500 square foot showroom built with no-VOC paint, FSC woods & the only “green” display walls on the market. Hundreds of faucets, sinks, tubs and toilets are on display. The new location on Soquel Drive is listed above.

Meet the Business Owners: Julia and John Bettencourt

Julia clearly loves to share her knowledge of plumbing products and bathroom design. Her passion is evident once engaged on a project. With a background in the life sciences, she welcomes conversations with bay area engineers and techies who like to “talk tech” about the various products available today. Julia prides herself in keeping on top of design trends and features and she is a great resource for design ideas on your project.

John is to the point and efficient. If you’re looking to narrow your search quickly and focus your project in a timely manner, be sure to ask for John. He has an intensive knowledge of parts and great working relationships with local plumbers and contractors.
Looking for quality fixtures visit our Santa Cruz showroom. When you visit us, you will always be working with the owners, John and Julia Bettencourt. We take pride in offering personal service and products to meet any budget and dream. We choose products that last and give our customers the best value and great design whether it be modern, transitional or traditional.